About Greg Carver

Greg has a passion for inspiring others to reach their fitness goals. Interested in total-body fitness and natural movement, he especially enjoys working with people over 40.

Known for his straight-forward and holistic approach, Greg knows how to combine practical, effective workouts with sound nutrition and lifestyle habits. He's used his system to overcome his own chronic health problems in the past, and now helps others transform their own lives, regardless of age or physical condition.

Certified MovNat Coach L2
Starting Strength
CrossFit L1
Olympic Lifting
Steve Maxwell Kettlebell Coach L2
Agatsu Kettlebell L1
Underground Strength Coach L2
BioSignature Certified Practitioner
StrengthBox Certified Trainer

Work with Greg Online

Need to get in shape so you can gain strength and move better? Have a body composition goal to reach? You need a plan, focus, accountability, and a coach. Having these things in place is the fastest way to double your results, triple your focus and quadruple your learning.

This is truly personal coaching, but I will only accept a limited number of clients. You must be dedicated and willing to work hard. I can give you the workouts, show you the exercises, and provide support, but it's your responsibility to 'show up'.

I'll build a customized program for you based on the equipment you have at your disposal. Bring your workouts to the gym, do them in your home, your backyard or even in a park. PicMonkey Collage.png

There are three levels of support to choose from.

Once accepted, log in to the mobile app, get your personal training program, stream video demonstrations, view your calendar, nutrition habits, statistics and more. Follow along on your iOS or Android device to track your workouts and progress.

Here's what clients can expect every month:

  • Personalized training program, designed for your goals
  • Custom diet guidelines, based on your bodytype and needs
  • Supplement recommendations, if necessary
  • Unlimited messaging support to ensure progress
  • Exclusive Desktop or Mobile dashboard access

Minimum 3 month commitment required. See Packages for details.